"Each drop of Milk is a result of dedication and love for all the cows in our FARM

Located in Terbanggi Besar Lampung Tengah, Indonesia"

Happy cows produce Good Milk!

Our Team put their heart, care, and passion to keep the best value that we can get from the real milk, for our consumers who put their heart, care and passion for giving the best impact for their life.

Working close with nature has taught us to appreciate what life has offered. 

Everyone is important, deserves respect and can contribute to creating a positive impact.

Locally Sourced

Our Milk is sourced from cows on our owned farm. We can tightly control the processes from farming up to milking procedures. Ensuring the MILK as FRESH as it can be, and as GOOD as it possibly will.

Sustainable Farming

It all began on an integrated FARM with PLANTATION. Some of the food is grown and handpicked. So the cows are Happy and get the freshest food.

Integrated Milking Processes

Everything happens within one location. That means the milk goes straight to the bottle without transportations long-hauling journey that might destroy the milk.